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Furniture rental operating

In 2011 the DIVACT project was born completely dedicated to the contract division. Mr. Fabio Maculan also in this new challenge, as in all his works, dedicates all of himself in pampering the customer and making him live a unique experience, following firsthand all the steps that make possible the realization of the requested furniture.

Divact is dedicated to the construction of hotel, bar, restaurant and shop furnishings. Always unique creations that fulfill customers' wishes; from the simplest, cleanest and most linear furnishings to the most modern, extravagant and original. The scope of the contract division is based on personalized and completely custom-made furnishings, to create that uniqueness that only the furniture of the best hotels, bars, restaurants and shops have.

We also have the possibility of rental operating. It's a good opportunity to all to buy the furniture, enjoy it immediately, with the big advantage of defer payment.


Our creations

Check out our latest contract creations.

Hotel Marzia | Caorle

Open wardrobe in white lacquered wood whit durmast doors. Durmast pannel with a mirror and a white lacquered pannel frames a tv, with a little table.

Hotel Marzia | Caorle

Room completely realized in durmast and lacquered white. Bedroom and open wordrobe custom-made furniture.

Hotel Marzia | Caorle

Open wardrobe in white lacquered wood whit durmast doors. The white lacquered headboard on durmast pannel reproduce the same color of the wardrobe and of the night table.

Store Celhosoloio | Brescia

Celhosoloio shop has chosen our completely custom-made furniture to create a unique and refined environment, just like their clothes.

Hotel degli Oleandri | Sirmione

Capitonné effect wall headboard with open bedside table with Luigi XVI legs.

Hotel degli Oleandri | Sirmione

New dining room in white lacquered finish with armchairs covered in leather and plexiglass back.

Hotel Villa Ciardi | Canove di Roana

Natural fir bed group with angle headboard with niche bedside table illuminated by internal led.

Hotel Villa Ciardi | Canove di Roana

Reception with durmast structure and panel covered in capitonné leather with false ceiling with framed panels.

Value added

From the first contact with the customer or potential customer to the final delivery of the furniture, passing through the following points, Mr. Maculan is always present:


Measurement survey

Takes personally the measurements of the premises or structure to be renovated (hotels, bars, restaurants and shops)



After carefully listening to the customer's needs and wishes, he proposes an optimal solution by combining innovative ideas and creating a perfect combination of Design and practicality



Follows the implementation of the strategy through projects created by the Interior Designer, who with his experience and professionalism gives life to the initial idea


Project presentation

After making a second appointment, Mr. Maculan returns to the client to present the project tailored to his needs. At this stage there may be changes requested by the customer, until the wishes of the same are completely fulfilled, creating an optimal solution


Project production

We now move on to the actual realization of the agreed project. Our carpenters are prepared to make bespoke furniture of any kind, from the most classic to the most extravagant, from the use of a single material to the complex construction of multiple different materials


Turnkey delivery

A specialized team of editors, supervised by Mr. Maculan, proceeds with the assembly taking care and attention to the smallest details and eventually releasing all the European certifications required by law